Hello, I'm Qmori, illustator and animator

And this is your go-to corner for getting a virtual character or vtuber

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Live2D models


Type: Advanced Art + Rig


Type: Advanced Art + Rig


Type: Advanced Art + Rig


Type: Advanced Art + Rig


Type: Advanced Art + Rig


Type: Classic Rig, Advanced art


Type: Advanced Rig


Type: Advanced Rig


Type: Advanced Rig

Qmori v1

Type: Art + Rig


Type: Advanced Rig


Type: Advanced Rig


Type: Advanced Rig


Type: Advanced Rig

Model Art

Animated Illustrations

Reference sheet & design

Both tiers include:

▸ Full-tracked face
▸ Full body X and Y movement (stronger in Advanced)
▸Step movement (stronger in Advanced)
▸Bouncy and flowy physics for everything!
▸Strong head turns with jawline vanish (stronger in Advanced)
▸Body and head side tilt
▸Inertia physics: delayed jumpy and subtle movement activated by main body movements (stronger in Advanced)
▸Unique movement patterns fitting your character designed by me!
▸4-8 Keyed expressions with physics (Blushing, Angry, Teary, Sparkly Eyes, Scared, Frowny, Smug, Confused)
▸Idle animation and Idle Tracking Lost
▸Attention to detail and unique approach
▸|advanced tier present| A fancy showcase video for your character!

Add-on ideas:
▸ Animal features (Tail, ears, horns, wings)
▸ Multilayered outfit with switchable parts
▸ Jump Animation
▸ Hair length or color switch
▸ Extra hairstyle
▸ Extra costume
▸ Animated hand gestures
▸ Dance animation
▸ Different leg stance
▸ Drawing and controller holding hands with tracking
▸ Sticking out tongue with physics
▸ Pet, sprite, little helper with head turns, physics, and blinks
▸ Background effect
▸ Vbridger mouth tracking
▸ Costume transitions

Model Artwork: PSD (photoshop) file with your model ready to be animated in Cubism Live2D format
Live2D Rig: your animated model in Cubism Live2D format ready for use in face-tracking software (my program of choice is Vtube Studio).

If you don't have a design for your character, I'll be glad to design it for you for $200, also I can provide you with a simple reference sheet for ~$400

Additional expressions, costumes, gestures, animations and complicated design features will incur an extra fee.At this time the only payment method is Paypal.

Process for models and illustrations

1. Fill out a commission form!

2. I contact you back within 24 hours.

3. We discuss and agree on a task list.

4. Quote and payment time!

5. After payment is processed, I draw a sketch and send it to you for revision\approval.

6. I cut the artwork and prepare it for rigging. (approx. 2 weeks)

8. Rig in progress...z-z-z. (approx. 1 month).

9. Once the rig is done, I will send you preset for Vtube studio files for the model through a google drive downloadable link.

10. Twitching and fixing (if any) for 2 weeks.